Best Kitchen and Bath Trends of the Past Decade

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Feb 4, 2020 3:32:53 PM

brakur_dream_kitchenBest of 2010's Kitchen Trends

Kitchen and bath design has come a long way since the multicolored cabinets or the checkered vinyl floors of the 60’s. This past decade has brought some exciting new trends to interior home design. In honor of the new year we have decided to highlight the best of kitchen and bath trends that the 2010s had to offer.  

Unique Flooring

Traditional hardwood flooring has been widely popular for the better part of the last twenty years. Now homeowners are turning to newer and more creative flooring materials such as tile, cork, vinyl, and even bamboo. While making your home unique, these environmentally friendly materials are easier on your wallet as well. Whether you throw it back with vinyl or you choose the ecologically conscious choice with bamboo, your floors will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Quartz Countertops

What better way to hop into the new year than by replacing your old worn counters with a beautiful quartz countertop. Quartz will give your kitchen a clean and modern feel and is continuing to trend because of its durability. They require less maintenance than traditional granite and are just as scratch resistant. Just as well quartz is much more heat resistant, giving your countertops added life and protection. Leading away from the darker granite tops in the early 2000’s, quartz is brighter and stronger against stains, making your countertops logistically sound while also looking gorgeous. 

Smart Tech

The 2010’s brought many advancements in technology. Now smart technology has revolutionized home life as we know it. If you haven’t hopped on the smart home bandwagon, this is a good time to start. Various smart appliances such as virtual assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.), smart fridges, and even smart lighting can enhance your living experience while also making your kitchen look modern and classy. So why not make your life easier and reinvent your kitchen with all the new tech this past decade has to offer?

Innovative Storage

Most kitchens, while looking immaculate, can have cluttered cabinets filled with different spices and cooking ingredients. Leave the cluttered kitchen cabinet in the past with these few trends to give you more storage. While not necessarily new, pull out waste basket storage has become largely popular and prominent in much of kitchen design. By taking away the clutter and giving your kitchen a much cleaner look, you can’t go wrong incorporating this trend into your new kitchen. Basic flat shelves are on their way out as well. Pull out shelves, tray organizers, and drawer dividers all have emerged this decade to help your kitchen stay neat and organized while also creating more space in your kitchen cabinets.

Brakur Custom Cabinetry’s design experts are the best designers around and know the best trends to make your project extremely successful. Contact us here to get started.

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