Custom Kitchen Remodel – It’s All About the Details

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Nov 9, 2016 2:30:00 PM

A custom kitchen remodel is so much more than getting new cabinets and countertops for your kitchen.  It’s paying attention to the details that will make the biggest difference in your overall satisfaction of your new kitchen.  When choosing cabinet interiors to the overall style and embellishments you add, it’s important to work with a cabinet company that employs professional kitchen designers.  They understand the importance of detail and how it will affect not just how your kitchen looks but how you and your family function in the kitchen.


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5 Questions to Think About Before Getting an Outdoor Kitchen

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Nov 7, 2016 4:30:00 PM

brakur - 5 questions outdoor kitchens.pngIf you have driven around your neighborhood and surrounding areas you have probably noticed a new hot trend, outdoor kitchens. Some builders are even putting them in with new construction homes. They are great to have and perfect for entertaining, but is an outdoor kitchen right for your home? We suggest you think about the following 5 questions to help you decide if it will work for your home.


Topics: Outdoor Kitchen, Kitchen Maintenance, Kitchen Design Tips, Kitchen Features

Top 7 “Happy” Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Oct 6, 2016 3:30:00 PM

brakur_happy_kitchen-1.jpgIf you’re considering a kitchen remodel, or if you’re building a new home, there are some things that you will be very glad you did in your kitchen when you’re done.  You don’t want to be one of the homeowners that stand in their kitchen with regret as they consider what they “should” have done.


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How to Give Your Indoor Kitchen an Outdoor Sentiment

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Sep 2, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Brakur_Kitchen_outdoor_feel.jpgBring the outdoors inside your home. While many homeowners across the country enjoy outdoor living areas it may not be practical or even possible in your Chicago area home. With harsh winters and hot muggy summers it might make more sense to bring that outdoor vibe inside and be able to enjoy it year round without worrying about the outside elements. You can have the perfect custom kitchen remodel and still enjoy the outdoor feel by following a few of these simple design tips.


Topics: Kitchen Style, Kitchen Design, Custom Kitchen Remodel, Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen Design Tips for the Untidy Cook

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Aug 5, 2016 3:00:00 PM

While many people will say clean as you go, some homeowners who love to cook just don’t work that way. For many homeowners when they are done cooking in the kitchen there is one huge mess. No matter your cooking style there are some kitchen design tips that can help keep your kitchen looking clean and organized.


Topics: Custom Kitchen, Kitchen Storage, Kitchen Design Tips, Kitchen Layout

Ways to Make Your Chicagoland Kitchen More Comfortable

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Jul 27, 2016 3:30:00 PM

brakur_kitchen_more_comfortable.pngOur kitchens are the center of our day to day living.  With kitchens being more open to other spaces and outdoor living areas they have become a place where we socialize and gather.   It makes sense to want to feel comfortable in a room that  so much activity revolves around.  There are a range of things you can do make your kitchen a more comfortable and accessible for everyone.


Topics: Universal Design, Kitchen Design, Kitchen Design Tips, Kitchen Layout, Kitchen Accessibility, Chicagoland Kitchen

Does it Make Sense to Double Stack Your Cabinets?

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Jul 20, 2016 4:30:00 PM

brakur_double_stacked_cabinets.pngDoubling up on cabinets can be a great way for adding extra storage, creating beautiful displays, and maximizing the space in your kitchen.  When done right it can really add to the style of the kitchen, but it is right for your family and lifestyle? Will it help or hinder the function of your kitchen?

Before adding extra cabinets to your kitchen there are a few things you need to consider.  While more cabinet space is great it doesn’t help if it is not accessible and doesn’t serve a purpose. So before doubling up answer the following questions to help you decide if you should double stack cabinets in your kitchen design.


Topics: Custom Cabinetry, Kitchen Design, Custom Cabinets, Kitchen Design Tips, Double Stacked Cabinets

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Jul 7, 2016 4:30:00 PM

brakur_choosing_cabinets.pngThe kitchen cabinets you choose for your custom kitchen remodel are probably the biggest investment you will make. Cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen.   They can take a lot of abuse so it is important that you choose a cabinet that not only looks good but is also built well.


Topics: Custom Kitchen, Custom Kitchen Remodel, Custom Cabinets, Kitchen Design Tips

How to Add Warmth to a Contemporary Kitchen

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

May 9, 2016 2:00:00 PM

brakur_warm_contemporary_kitchens.jpgWhen most people think of a contemporary kitchen they usually picture clean simple lines. There is very little clutter and it is ideal for the individual who is a minimalist. While some homeowners like the look they are not crazy about the cool stark feel that many contemporary kitchens give off.


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Kitchen Design Tips for  Black Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Apr 29, 2016 3:30:00 PM

brakur_black_kitchen.jpgWhite kitchens seem to be a hot topic lately, but for some people it is not the color they want or have dreamed of. The great thing is not everybody has to jump on the bandwagon and use white cabinets just because that seems to be the trend and what others want. There are other neutral colors such as black kitchen cabinets that can give your kitchen a stunning look. With the right countertops, floors, lighting, and walls, black cabinets can be the opposite of depressing. They can make a statement and give your Chicagoland kitchen a clean and contemporary look.


Topics: Brakur Custom Cabinetry, Kitchen Design Tips, Black Kitchen Cabinets

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