Painted Vs. Stained Cabinets – What’s the Difference?

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May 22, 2019 3:00:00 PM

One thing is for sure, today you have MANY more color choices in your kitchen than historical kitchen options. In previous years stain was the main option. In recent years paint colors have opened up many new horizons when choosing your colors in a kitchen remodel.

Which one is better? Which one should you choose? Below are the main differences to consider when doing a kitchen to help you make the best decision for your home.

Brakur-StainedStained Cabinets

Stained Cabinet Benefits

  • Wood - Stain highlights the character of wood. If you like wood, and want to accentuate that feeling in your kitchen, stain may be your favorite choice. Stain is thinner than paint, so it allows the beauty of the wood to shine through.
  • Budget - Stain frequently costs less than paint, so it can be a more economical choice for you.
  • Maintenance – Painted or stained cabinets faded over time can be difficult to repair and match, but stain may give you an easier option if repair is necessary.

Stained Cabinet Drawbacks

  • With stain showing more of the wood underneath, blemishes or major variations will highlight, not hide.
  • Some stains have a tendency to show dirt and dust more, requiring more upkeep.

Brakur-PainedPainted Cabinets

Painted Cabinets Benefits

  • Variety - With paint colors there is a vast array of choices. You can even mix colors in the same kitchen or match colors from something else in your home.
  • The Look - Paint gives a clean, clear, flawless look that can add to any theme of your kitchen.

Painted Cabinet Drawbacks

  • If you like the characteristics of wood, they will be hidden under painted cabinets.
  • Painted cabinets may cost 10-15% more than stained cabinets.
  • Unless you have more of the pain used on your cabinets, it may be very difficult to match if repairs are necessary.

At Brakur Custom Cabinetry, we do the best of both stained and painted cabinets. Our design experts can help you choose the best option for your project. To begin the discussion, contact an expert now.

Also download our FREE design guide to help you see the amazing possibilities for a new kitchen.

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