Taking Care of Your Painted Kitchen Cabinets

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May 24, 2019 3:30:00 PM

Daily-Weekly-Ann CareMany people are good at the “immediate” care of their painted kitchen cabinets, like when cooking causes splattering of spaghetti sauce all over them. But many neglect the “maintenance” part of caring for their cabinets that cause them to look more dirty over time.

This is a guideline to keep your cabinets looking clean and fresh as long as you have them.

Caring for Your Painted Cabinets

Important: NEVER use any kind of rag or towel that’s abrasive in any way. Always use soft cloths (like microfiber) on cabinets, inside and out.

Daily Dirt – Key Watch Points

These are the daily things you should watch out for, and clean immediately when necessary.

  • Close to Hardware and Touchpoints – Wherever you grab your cabinets to open them is where the frequent dirt will be. Watch those areas for dirt to clean with a soft, damp washcloth (and a dry one to remove moisture).
  • By the Stove or Cooktop – Wherever you cook there will be splatters and splashes. Keep grease and food cleaned from them after cooking so they don’t stay.
  • By the Sink – Another frequent splash spot where dishes are done with lots of water and splashes. Keep them wiped down after splashing.

Weekly Wipe Down

  • Every week, remove dust and debris buildup by wiping down cabinets with a soft damp cloth (soft or microfiber is best), and dry with soft towel. Be sure to rinse out dirt as it fills the rag as you wash.
  • Around stove or where grease and oil build up add a squirt of dish soap and a splash of vinegar (1/4 cup per gallon of water) to help break through the tough stuff. Finally wash with clean watered towel and dry.

Annual Action Clean

  • At least once per year, you should get soapy water (same ingredients as above) and a wash rag and thoroughly clean all cabinets, paying special attention to cracks and crevasses where dirt and grime can build up and hide.

These tips will help you get the longest life out of your cabinets and make them look great for many years.

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