3 Major Things to Avoid When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Jan 11, 2021 1:55:57 PM

Picture3When taking on a Kitchen Remodel, keeping a few important things in mind from the beginning can help you have a successful process and result. These 3 guidelines will help you get started right.

  1. Fragile is not Durable

When remodeling it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of showrooms and gorgeous looking photos seen online. Often times the materials used for these kitchens are only really good for that thing, showrooms or photos. You want to build a kitchen that can be lived in and that can endure years of hard use (especially if raising a family). Many countertop options like limestone or recycled glass look beautiful on the outside but are prone to cracks or water rings, requiring much more maintenance. You may be happier with a durable yet sleek option like quartz. 

  1. Choose Appliances Early

Choosing appliances before you layout your kitchen is essential. It is easy to get excited and want to make countertop and cabinet decisions, but you want to build your kitchen around your major appliances. If done the other way around you may find that you have the design you want but no space for the range or refrigerator you end up wanting. Dishwashers built into the island and cabinets built around the refrigerator are popular trends that look great in any kitchen. Save yourself the hassle of trying to find an appliance that fits the constraints of your cabinets and determine your appliances first.

  1. Have a Set Plan and Budget from the Start

It is okay to change your mind throughout the remodeling process. You may decide you don’t like a certain material or the position of an appliance. Changing your mind throughout the remodeling process is entirely normal. However, you want to have a firm design and budget in place before the beginning touches. If you have a tentative idea of what you want, solidify it with great detail otherwise it could cost you. It would be prudent to add a contingency fund to your remodeling budget in case of any unforeseen complications or even changes in what you want. Suppose you are halfway through the remodel you decide that you do not love the countertops as much as you thought. This can cause the project to come to a screeching halt. Not only do you lose time, but you potentially lose money through operating costs and the cost of new materials needed. You will also have to pay for added labor on top of this due to the extended amount of time it will take to shift the direction of the project. Avoid this nightmare. Use the design tools available to you so you know exactly what you’re getting at the end of the project. We guarantee that if you plan in great detail, the process will run a whole lot smoother and save you money as well.

At Brakur Custom Cabinetry, we have to expertise and ability to help you see what the end of your project will be so there are no surprises. Contact us below to get started.Request an Expert

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