3 Major Things to Avoid with Your Custom Bathroom Remodel

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Jan 11, 2021 2:58:47 PM


Picture 12With all the experiences we have with homeowners and their new bathrooms or their remodels, we hear a lot of things. With that in mind, we share below the 3 things that stand out many times as things people want to avoid.

Select Function Over Form, not the Other Way Around

When remodeling your bathroom, it is important to make the stylistic choices that you want in order to be fully satisfied with the outcome. However, you also need to keep in mind how these decisions affect your bathroom logistically. While something may look gorgeous or aesthetically pleasing, keep in mind the concepts of accessibility, maintenance, and practicality.

While making decisions

 about what you want in your bathroom remodel, think about how much maintenance it will require, how it fits in logistically and thematically with the rest of your bathroom, and how it could possibly affect resale value in the future. You might want a beautiful glass vanity but then upon having it installed realize that watermarks and streaks are very prevalent on its surface. This would require much more maintenance to keep it looking clean.  Don’t let this discourage you from the bathroom remodel of your dreams, just ensure these things are taken into account when major decisions are presented to you.


Don’t Overcrowd Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation and of relieving stress. When remodeling you do not want to add too much too fast, or you might regret it. Ensure that you have the practical amount of space needed for free-flowing movement throughout. The last thing you need is to be squeezing through tight spaces and cramped in your own master bath. Double check with your remodeler to guarantee everything will be functionally sound and have adequate spacing around. When remodeling it is easy to get the “kid in the candy store” mentality and want it all. Just double check that whatever you choose is needed and will contribute to your goal of a gorgeous, spacious bathroom.


Create a Warm, Comfortable Start to Your Day!

One very unpleasant experience in the morning is waking up groggy and stepping onto freezing cold bathroom floors and shivering through your entire morning routine. You want your bathroom to have sufficient heating in order for you to be comfortable and relaxed, not freezing and stressed. If you get a step ahead of the game, you will not have to put money into rugs, heaters, and other costly products just to try to stay warm in your own home. If you know your home has poor insulation, talk to your remodeler about possible under-floor heating. This will save you space in your bathroom while also making your mornings a tad more bearable.

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