Best Flooring Options for Your Kitchen

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Jul 29, 2021 2:00:35 PM

A kitchen is a place that is going to be lived in. That means that accidents, spills and everyday wear are bound to happen. One of the exciting aspects of a kitchen remodel is that things like this can now be planned for. The materials you choose such as countertops or cabinet finishes can impact how long your new kitchen stays new. One very important element of the kitchen remodel is what flooring you choose. To prepare you for the wears of everyday life in the kitchen, here are the most durable kitchen flooring options for your remodel.


Vinyl is a logistically sound flooring solution across the board. The man-made material is not only easy to maintain but is resistant to stains, damage and water as well. This means liquids are easy to remove from the surface and you will not have to worry about water damage. If you live in a home with kids this may be the best flooring option for you. Vinyl is a sleek material that, when paired correctly with cabinetry and lighting, can look incredible. In terms of cleaning, it is relatively simple and only requires regular sweeping and occasional mopping with proper soap.


An unorthodox yet very durable material for your kitchen flooring is bamboo. On appearance it is not so different from hardwoods, however, it is more resistant than hard woods in terms of water and surface damage. This durability also means it is scratch resistant so similar to vinyl bamboo is all purpose in terms of functionality and convenience.


Hardwoods have traditionally been popular in terms of kitchen flooring. They give a sleek and refined look and add that extra element to your kitchen. Although hardwoods are susceptible to water and surface damage, they are still relatively durable. Hardwoods are also a better option than bamboo if you are looking to save money as bamboo can be in the higher price range.

Natural Stone Tile

In terms of pure durability, it is hard to beat natural stone tile. This is a flooring material that is actually made of stone which guarantees its durability and length of life in your kitchen. Depending on the type of stone this can create a refined look for your home. Marble, granite and limestone are all common applications in a kitchen remodel. Natural stone does have more crevices and in turn is vulnerable to water damage, but with the proper treatment and maintenance this is a modern look that is both formally and functionally solid.

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