Choosing Cabinet Material

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Dec 5, 2016 11:38:43 PM

Cabinet Material.pngWhen you do a kitchen remodel or new construction, one of the most significant decisions you make is the type of wood species or the cabinet material. It’s the selection that many people make without really knowing why. Deciding which wood species for your cabinet affects how your kitchen will look when you walk in, as well as how long your kitchen may last. 

Many people know the basics, like Cherry cabinets have a “rich” look, or that Maple cabinets stain well in many finishes. But such an important decision needs more depth to it.

Some things to think about are how well the wood will show the stain or color you want, what the grain looks like stained, and how subtle or strong the appearance of other characteristics are. The look you’re going for is strongly supported (or detracted) by the wood you choose.

There are 3 characteristics you should learn about wood as you consider what type you want:

  • Wood Type / Hardness
  • Color Characteristics
  • Grain Characteristics

These three characteristics affect the look, feel and durability of your cabinets. The following chart gives you an understanding of these across the most popular wood species for cabinets.

Wood Species Differences.png

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