Finding a Cabinet Company That Has a Defined Sales Process

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Sep 11, 2014 4:30:00 PM

Brakur_-_Sales_ProcessWhen you’re looking to do a kitchen or a remodel, one thing you’ll want to make sure you do is deal with a cabinet company that has a defined sales process. If that sounds foreign to you, you’re not alone since not many cabinet companies have them.

What is a defined sales process? Well, it’s the series of steps, interactions and communications you will have with the cabinet company from the time you first walk in their door until you’re sitting in your beautiful, completed kitchen. 

Why is it important? Because it defines the exact experience you will have with that cabinet company. If it’s a scattered or undefined process, then that’s the experience you will have with that company. If it’s clear, organized, and defined, that’s most likely the experience you will have with that company. It’s really as simple as that.

The Magic Question

There’s one simple way to reveal whether or not a cabinet company has a defined sales process. It’s the “magic question”. Asking this question will IMMEDIATELY reveal whether you’re dealing with a company that’s ready to provide a great experience for you as a customer. 

Here it is! Ask any company you are considering working with this question: “I’m looking to purchase cabinets for my kitchen (or whatever you’re doing), can you tell me the process I would go through if I worked with your company?

Then just stop and listen. Any salesperson at that company should be able to quickly and simply explain to you their “x step sales process” (x being however many steps they have) if you worked with them. It should be short and sweet, and most of all understandable. 

What you will hear from many cabinet companies is something like “Well, you come in and we help you look at some cabinets to determine what you like…then I’ll start designing your kitchen…then we order them when you like the design.” 

That is NOT a sales process. 

The Sales Process

A sales process is when you hear them say something like this:

Well, we have an 4-step sales process that goes like this.

Step 1:  Consultation – We meet together so our kitchen expert can learn what you’re trying to accomplish with your project.

Step 2:  Design & Estimate – Once we truly understand (and not until then) what you really need in your project, we will go into the design phase to design your kitchen and develop estimates for the options you have chosen.

Step 3:  Measurement – When you’ve initially determined what you want, we go to your house, measure and learn everything we need to know about your space.

Step 4:  Final Design & Consultation – Now we can finalize exactly what best meets your needs and present the final designs for your approval ready to be manufactured. 

After this we go into the “ordering and manufacturing” part of our process to complete your job. “

Now, if I’m a consumer, I know this company has been around for a while and knows what it’s doing. After one short phone call or conversation I know exactly what I’m in for if I decide to work with them. This speaks volumes about the company.

Brakur Custom Cabinetry has been doing this since 1965. We really know what we’re doing and how to make a project successful. 

You can see our defined Brakur Sales Process here, and know exactly what it will be like to work with us on your project. 

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