Gain More Counter Space and Alleviate the Clutter- Unique Storage Ideas

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Jul 10, 2014 4:30:00 PM

Deciding where to put and store things has always beenAppliance_Garage_Brakur a dilemma.  Especially those extra bulky items that seem to clutter up your counters.  Today we have gadgets for everything in the kitchen.  While they are great and convenient, sometimes finding a place for them, and making them accessible, is an even bigger concern. 

Cabinetmakers have come a long way when it comes to storage. There really isn’t a space in your kitchen that can’t be utilized.  Today instead of using a toe kick at the base of your cabinets people can put drawers.   Instead of the clunky utensils caddy, you can now have a utensil drawer installed.


Not everyone has a big kitchen and can have that dream island.  There are rolling cabinets that slide in underneath your countertop to become a portable island that can be “put away”.  When you need that extra space just pull it out.  You might even have your cutting board installed on top.

Appliance garages have come a long ways.  It used to be that they were placed strategically in the corner of your kitchen.  Everyone knew what they were and they weren’t very aesthetically pleasing.  Appliance garages today can be put just about anywhere and blend in with the other cabinets in your kitchen very nicely.  

Read about the 15 most popular kitchen storage ideas here.

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