The Pros and cons of glass cabinetry in your kitchen

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Jan 27, 2021 1:30:07 PM


Glass Cabinetry - Good or Bad Idea?

You may find yourself questioning whether or not glass cabinets could be beneficial for your ideal kitchen remodel. It certainly may have its drawbacks such as maintenance and durability. It also has great benefits including a glossy clean look that surely will not go out of style. Let us dissect the pros and cons of adding glass cabinets to your kitchen.

Pro – Reflectivity

If you are attempting to sculpt a modern, sleek, glossy kitchen then glass cabinets can unquestionably contribute to that goal. Glass has a clean reflective surface that helps redirect light towards your countertops and appliances. Your kitchen will shine like no other, especially paired with a reflective countertop surface such as marble, granite or quartz.

Con – Maintenance

Glass cabinets are sure to make your kitchen glow, yet they show wear much more quickly than other cabinets materials. Fingerprints, smears, dirt, and steam can make your glass transition from sleek to cloudy. This means that to make sure your kitchen shines as intended; you will need to consistently clean your cabinet surfaces. Some homeowners may need to clean them more than others depending on how often your kitchen is used.

Con – Durability

Glass has always been known for its fragility. It is no different when it comes to glass cabinetry. Granted, your cabinets will not crack or shatter if you simply shut them, but you do have to treat them with more care. Any kind of physical force or accident could lead to them cracking unlike traditional wooden cabinets that are much more durable. So, if you go in the direction of glass cabinetry, be sure to treat them with care.

Pro – Transparency

Depending on the type of glass that you choose for your cabinetry, many forms of glass are very transparent. This can be a refreshing look in a modern style kitchen. It can also save you the time of checking every cabinet trying to find that one thing you are looking for. The transparency of glass is unquestionably beneficial functionally for your kitchen remodel.

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