Highlighting the Most Exciting Upcoming Smart Technology for Your Kitchen

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Jul 30, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Over the last decade smart technology has become a popular addition to any kitchen. From the Amazon Echo to the smart fridge, homeowners have been integrating more and more tech into their everyday lives. In January, a convention named CES was held showing off the brightest technology the future has to offer. The tech publication Cnet covered the event, displaying all of the exciting technology that has recently arrived or is on its way. Here are some highlights from that article of technology that you could be seeing in your own kitchen fairly soon.

LG InstaView Refrigerator

Some exciting innovations to the refrigerator have come by means of LG. The new model of the InstaView not only allows you to see directly into your fridge while it is closed but also adds voice activated doors and has a voice assistant programmed in who can give you updates such as water filter status. According to LG, an active UV light works through the water dispenser preventing germ or bacteria growth.

Kohler Whole Home Water Monitor

Kohler announced a smart water monitor that is relatively affordable. At a retail price of $300, you can install this monitor under any available sink in your home and it allows you to get a visual of all plumbing in your home. Kohler also announced an upgraded version of the monitor retailing for $500 that provides an automatic shut-off function in the instance of a leak or alternate issue.

ColdSnap by Sigma Phase

On a tastier note, Sigma Phase announced a smart ice cream maker. Similar to a K-cup, the device utilizes insertable packaged containers to make anything from soft serve to smoothies. While this is not something that is currently available on the market, look for the instant ice cream maker to be heading to stores near you soon.

GoSun Flow

On the water filtration front, GoSun announced the GoSun Flow which is a solar powered filter that cleanses 99% of water borne pathogens. This purified water can be used for anything from cooking to showering and can purify 100 gallons on a single charge.

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