Homework-Friendly Ideas For Your Home

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Mar 14, 2017 3:00:00 PM

HomeWorkFriendly1.pngIf you have kids, sometimes you find there’s no organized or ideal place for them to do their homework. That can be solved with some planning. We’ve gathered some ideas that you can use to make part of your kitchen or other room homework-friendly.

Island Work Space

For many parents, an island is a wonderful place to spread out the books and papers. At the island a parent can interact and help children while they have questions and can see what they’re doing.


Desk Area

If you want a formal area where homework can be done, you might consider a desk area. These can be off the kitchen or anywhere else in the house. If you have space for a formal area, plan it well to make the best use of it.


Make Your Walls Work

HomeWorkFriendly6.pngRather than just having decorative walls with paint, wallpaper or other surface, why not make it kid-interactive and let them work on it. You can use chalkboard paint, cork board, white boards (or glass works very well), peg boards, hanging hooks, or other things to make the walls around your study area more useful and organized. You can write or hang reminders, homework assignments, schedules, up-coming events, notes and all kinds of things.




Organize their homework, backpacks and books in places that they belong. Bookshelves can be a place to hold all that stuff that’s usually scattered around the house and hard to find when they need it.


Electronics and Charging Station

Kids are younger now when they begin to accumulate devices that have to be charged. Build in a place to plug in electronics so all their devices can recharge in one central area.


Storage for School Supplies

Kids go through lots of school supplies. Get baskets or organizers and make a space to store all the stuff that runs out so they can replenish any time they need.


These are just a few ideas our designers at Brakur Custom Cabinetry can help you be creative with and design the best solution for your family. If you’re ready to discuss your project, contact us here.

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