Kitchen Drawers vs. Rollout Shelves

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Oct 3, 2016 4:00:00 PM


When trying to decide whether you should install rollout shelves or kitchen drawers, it's best to consider your storage needs.

There seems to be a lot of discussion over whether drawers or pullout shelves in base cabinets is best. Both have their advantages and can be used in similar ways. However, each has some limitations and work better for storing some things than others. So how do you know which is the better choice for your upcoming kitchen remodel

Rollout shelves

Rollout shelves feature low sides, and some allow for adjustable heights between trays. However, because they are shallow, items can sometimes fall off the back. 

Rollout shelves:

  • BaseCabinetRollOut-1.jpgAre great for storing cookware, pots and pans, and even some small appliances

  • Are a great way to incorporate universal designs

  • Can be added at any time, making them ideal for simple kitchen updates

Kitchen drawers

Kitchen drawers are a simple storage option that comes in a variety of sizes and depths. However, they are much more difficult to add after a kitchen is already installed, and they aren’t the best solution for larger appliances, such as standup mixers

Kitchen drawers:

  • 4_DrawerBank.jpgAre ideal for storing large cookware 

  • Work better for storing dishes and washcloths 

  • Can include organizational inserts for items such as silverware and spices

  • Will keep items contained so they don’t fall out (unless drawers are overstuffed)

Plan your kitchen design to determine the best fit

We recommend having a combination of both rollout shelves and kitchen drawers. Make sure you sit down with your kitchen designer and identify your kitchen work zones. Knowing your kitchen work zones and the items that need to be stored in certain areas will help you decide whether rollout shelves or drawers are the best solution. 

Another thing you will want to consider is the overall aesthetic and how it impacts the look of your kitchen. Communicating with your kitchen designer will make the biggest difference and help ensure you make the right choice for your kitchen design.

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This article was originally posted on Angie's List.  Chad Kurtz President of Brakur Custom Cabinetry is a regular contributor to their Experts Contributor Program.

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