Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Keep Your Food Cold and Safe

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Sep 16, 2015 4:00:00 PM

Brakur_Food_Storage_Outdoor_KitchensWith the rise in outdoor kitchens we are seeing many households taking the food outside, especially in the summer months when the temperatures are warm. With that come foods such as potato salads that are made with mayonnaise or meats that we cook on the grill. Many of the different dishes can spoil easily and the last thing we want is to make our friends and family sick. Not to mention those pesky flies and critters we want to keep away. There are a few things you can include in your outdoor kitchen design that will keep your food both safe to eat and cold.

Food Prep and Storage Ideas

  • Outdoor safe appliances - Refrigerators aren’t just for the indoor kitchen.  While an indoor kitchen may require a large fridge for food storage and larger appliances, that is not necessary for an outdoor kitchen.  Appliances that are the most beneficial are usually smaller and compact.   You just need something big enough to store those salads, fruits, and meats.  It will save you a lot of running back and forth from indoors. 
  • Built in Drink Cooler Or Ice Bin - We can never have enough places to keep those drinks cold.  Whether it is an additional drink cooler or a custom drink bin with a drain. There are many options for cold drink storage.
  • Patio drapes or shades to keep insects away – Insects can carry diseases and contaminate your food.  Not only do these help keep the pests away but they also add style. They don’t need to be down at all times, except for when you are cooking and eating.
  • Temperature regulated grill – While it is nice to cook with charcoal this is a much safer way to cook.  It allows you to control the heat and cook meats to the accurate temperature.
  • Install a sink – Having a sink close by allows you to wash hands and utensils immediately.  It just makes things more sanitary all around.

Including some of these ideas will make your outdoor kitchen much more enjoyable. It will also make things more convenient, but most of all enhance your overall outdoor dining experience.  If you are considering an outdoor kitchen for your Chicagoland home and would like to talk to one of our design professionals at Brakur Custom Cabinetry you can contact us here.

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