Pros and Cons of a Convection Steam Oven in Your Custom Kitchen

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Feb 17, 2016 4:45:00 PM

Brakur_convection_steam_oven.jpgConvections steam ovens seem to be the latest greatest appliance that many homeowners are talking about. If you haven’t heard or are just now catching up on this new trend, now is a great time especially if you are getting ready to start your new custom kitchen. But before we go too far let’s make sure you understand and know what one is.

What is a Convection Steam Oven?

A convection steam oven circulates hot air while the steam adds moisture to help keep the food moist without adding extra fat such as butter. It combines several appliances into one. You can heat up leftovers, sauté vegetables, boil, bake, and roast.

Pros of a Steam Oven

  • Food browns and cooks more evenly
  • Healthier because of the need to use less fat
  • When convection is turned on food cooks faster
  • Better than a microwave to refresh leftovers
  • Contemporary look and adds style to kitchen

Cons of a Steam Oven

  • Tend to be smaller - Can cook up to a 14 lb. turkey
  • More expensive than the traditional oven

As with any kitchen appliance you have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons. It is also important to take into consideration your lifestyle and needs of your household. We suggest you compare different brands. You can often get the same benefit for less money by going with a different brand.

Our kitchen design experts at Brakur Custom Cabinetry can help you determine where to put your appliances in your custom kitchen remodel and help you decide if a convection steam oven is right for your Custom Chicagoland kitchen remodel. When you come in for your free initial consultation be sure and let your kitchen designer know if you plan on including one in your Chicagoland custom kitchen remodel. To schedule and appointment you can contact us here.

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