What Most People Don’t Know About Kitchen Cabinet Molding

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Jan 19, 2015 2:00:00 PM

When it comes to adding cabinet molding to your kitchen cabinets most people are familiar with crown and shoe molding. What they don’t realize is there is so much more. There is a quite a variety of different types of moldings that can be added to your kitchen to give it the perfect custom look. A few different moldings can really spruce up a kitchen and add character to a basic cabinet style. It is one way to personalize and make your kitchen really catch the eye.

Different Types of Molding

Standard/ Traditional Crown Molding- This is the standard for the industry. It is applied to the top of cabinets. It can make the cabinets appear larger and makes a huge difference in the appeal and appearance than a cabinet with no crown. Depending on the height of your ceiling it can fill in an empty space between the cabinet and ceiling.


Interior Crown Molding – Is placed around the perimeter of the kitchen ceiling and blends with the other molding on the walls. It gives a look of continuity.



Brakur_Stacked_Crown_MoldingStacked Crown Molding – In a lot of kitchens today the ceilings are too high to fill in the gap between the ceiling and cabinet. The molding ends up becoming more of a decorative piece that is added. It combines many pieces of molding and stacks them so they look like one uniform piece of molding. For example you can use a braided molding with an angled molding.  You also have the ability to add separate layers of color to the crown molding. The color helps accentuate and highlight the design in the crown molding. “When opting for this type of look you will want and experienced installer who is skilled.





Decorative/Ornamental- There is a wide range of different designs such as rope, braid or geometric.They have a carved look and many times will have a different color glaze or stain to make them stand out. The more detailed the design typically the more expensive the molding is. When considering your budget this can quickly increase to the cost of the kitchen.



Edge Molding – Can be added to the edge of any shelf or part of a cabinet. Many times it is added to the base of cabinets to conceal the under cabinet lighting.



Brakur_Shoe_moldingShoe Molding – Also known as corner round is applied to the perimeter of the base cabinets on the floor. It connects the flooring to the cabinet. It is good for hiding flooring imperfections where it might not go exactly up to the cabinet. If you are not a fan of shoe molding you can install the cabinets after the flooring is installed. Make sure if shoe molding is going in to either have your cabinet company do it, or ensure it’s going to match the cabinet stain or be a good contrasting color if someone else is doing it.







Brakur_Furniture_molding_2Furniture Base Molding - Gives a finished look to the base of the cabinet and will sometimes be used in place of shoe molding. It is commonly used around an island or to make base cabinets look more like furniture. This type of molding is used instead of a standard toe kick where it recesses at the bottom of the cabinet.


Brakur_Applied_MoldingApplied/Framed Molding - Is applied directly to the cabinet itself. It is often used when creating a custom or decorative range hood.










Stop Molding - This molding is sometimes called freeze board. It is very common in contemporary kitchen designs. The molding is simply flat stock that continues from the top of the door to the ceiling.


Here at Brakur Custom Cabinetry we use moldings to accent and add to your kitchen remodel. We don’t use moldings or fillers to hide gaps since cabinets are made to fit. We have a wide variety of different moldings that can be added to your kitchen to reflect your style. We would love to have a conversation with you about choosing molding for your Chicagoland kitchen remodel. You can click below to be contacted by one of our kitchen design experts.

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