Workbook: How to Remodel Your Bathroom

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Nov 1, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Brakur BathroomA Bathroom Remodel many times turns out to be more involved than people expect, especially if they’ve never done one before. With today’s technology homeowners can learn a ton about the process before it begins with what they can learn on the Internet.

Our guides and articles on are a huge part in teaching people the key things to consider. Other sources can also be a great place to learn. There’s a great “workbook” that covers a lot of the aspects to remodeling a bathroom that helps people think through the entire process. It covers these key areas:

Step 1 - What are you Trying to Achieve?

The first step is to truly define what you are trying to achieve. Not just the look, or having something “new”, but the purpose and underlying environment you’re trying to get in the end.

Your purpose might be more heavily weighted to “updating the look”, or it could be more for “resale value”. If not look or value, it could be “better functionality” or features. The key is that the solution can be drastically different depending on your purpose. So it’s critical to define that up front.

Step 2 – Research and Budget

Once you know your purpose, it’s time to start the research to find the ingredients that best fulfills your purpose, and within the budget you plan on spending. That begins with finding some of the things that meet your preferences for what you think you want.

Step 3 – Find a Professional

This is where all your thought, research and planning come to true progress. Your professional will be able to understand your purpose, your preferences, and include things you didn’t even think of to meet the goals above to produce the plan most perfectly fitted to your ideal solution.

There will be some back and forth to refine your plan until it’s ready to finalize and begin your project. They will be your guide the rest of the way.

To see the full workbook with all the details click here.

At Brakur Custom Cabinetry we love guiding customers to their perfect kitchen or bathroom. Our designers are experts at providing the solutions that will make you the happiest when it’s all done. If you’re ready to begin the discussion contact an expert here.

You can also get a free In-Home Guide to measure your kitchen in preparation for a quote. Download it below...

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