Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers

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Feb 1, 2016 3:00:00 PM

When you think of everything new in kitchen cabinetry, most of it is related to doors and drawers. Whether it is how they open, how they are made, or even the overall design and look. Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers today have much more functionality and there are a wider variety of styles and finishes. There is so much more than the standard swing-out door or pullout drawer. Exploring your options and learning what is out there will make for a perfect Chicagoland custom kitchen.

Door Guide

Most of us are familiar with the traditional door hinge. However you might be surprised how many more types of cabinet door options there are.

brakur_sliding_door.jpgTrack/ Sliding Doors - These are popular in the urban areas of Chicago where space is limited and kitchens are smaller. These doors slide side to side. They take up little room and can be very large and still operable. They are perfect for a contemporary style kitchen.








brakur_Pocket_doors.jpegPocket Doors – While these used to be used in 90’s for T.V. cabinets, we are utilizing them a different ways in the kitchen. For example, they help conceal a coffee station or appliance cabinet. They can also be used to cover up a wet/dry bar in the kitchen.












Flip Up Doors – This is becoming one of the most popular ways of hinging doors. Parallel lift doors, also known, as Aventos doors are popular with European style cabinets. They have a hydraulic mechanism that raises the cabinet door up. There are basically 4 different systems you have to choose from. With each of these systems there is also an electric open option. Who knew cabinet doors had become so advanced.

Brakur_Aventos_bi-fold_flip_up_doors.jpg                      brakur_aventos_up_and_over_lift.jpg


Brakur_Aventos_Parallel_Lift.jpg               Brakur_Aventos_Door_Swing.jpg


Garage/Tambour Doors – Many of us remember the appliance hutch in the corner with this style of door. These doors slide up and usually open from the bottom. The wood door bends and rolls over the inside of the top of the cabinet. These aren’t used as much any more with the newer and more stylish door options.


_brakur_traditional_swing_door.jpgTraditional Swing Doors - This is the standard door that is attached by a hinge and swings out. It is important to decide which way you want door to open so it is not hitting other appliances and doors in the kitchen.










Cabinet Drawer Guide

There are almost as many or more options when it comes to cabinet drawers. You can choose between a solid wood box and metal drawer boxes, which are gaining in popularity. You also have the option for concealed drawer runners. With many homeowners eliminating hardware and looking for a cleaner look they are choosing a push to open drawer. You just push in on the drawer and it opens.

Drawer Construction

Solid Wood – Our solid wood drawer boxes are 5/8” with dovetail construction. They have an undermount drawer with a soft-close feature.


Metal Drawers - These drawer boxes have metal sides and a melamine bottom and back that is cut to fit by the manufacturer. They are nice because they give a much cleaner appearance. They are available in push to open and soft closing.


Types of Drawers

brakur_corner_drawer.jpgCorner Drawers – Instead of a lazy susan you have drawers that are adjoined to fill the space in the corner. No more reaching to the back. They give you full access and utilize your corner space.











Acrylic Face Drawers- This is one of our new custom cabinet options for 2016. This cabinet finish is easy to clean and scratch resistant. It has antibacterial properties that keep germs away. It is a less expensive and more popular option to the glass front doors.

Brakur_glass_front_doors.jpgGlass Front Drawers – You have heard of glass doors, but have you considered a glass front drawer. It is perfect for storing those dry goods and you can see when you are getting low on commonly used baking products. Brakur does offer them, but they are very expensive.






brakur_k-cup.pngCustom Drawer Inserts – There are a variety of drawer inserts for just about everything and anything you want to store in your drawers. One of our newest options is the K-cup insert for the drawer.














brakur_tilt_tray.jpgTilt Tray Drawer Front- It looks like a full drawer but tilts out with two storage inserts. It is perfect to store those scrubbers and sponges to wash the dishes.







To really understand and see what is available in cabinet doors and drawers options we recommend you schedule a visit with one of our kitchen design experts at Brakur Custom Cabinetry. If you are considering purchasing Chicagoland kitchen cabinets for your upcoming kitchen renovation we would love to have a conversation with you. To schedule an appointment with one of our kitchen design experts you can contact us here.

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