Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel vs. New Construction

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Mar 2, 2016 4:35:00 PM

brakur_new_construction.jpgMany times when we write about a new custom kitchen remodel we don’t always differentiate between new construction and remodeling an existing kitchen, and how the experience might be different depending on which one you are doing.

The following are key differences between new construction and remodeling, and what you should know about both.

Your Choice of Cabinet Manufacturer and Dealer

New Construction

When building a new home with a builder (or buying a spec home), your choice of cabinets may be limited. If your builder is a tract or semi-custom builder, the cabinet company they work with is typically already chosen, and for this reason your choice of cabinets may be limited.

If you are building with a true “Custom Builder”, they may be more inclined to allow you to choose to get your cabinets from anywhere.


If you are remodeling your existing kitchen, you have complete choice of who you decide to work with. You can go to a manufacturer or dealer and they will drive the entire process to get your kitchen remodeled to completion. If you are hiring a contractor to manage the remodel process, they might have an existing relationship with a cabinet company, but you should still have flexibility to choose.

Your Choice of Kitchen Layout, Design and Options

New Construction

When using a builder for a new home, the house plan determines most of what the kitchen is shaped like, where the appliances go, what the countertops are shaped like, etc.. That doesn’t mean it can’t be modified to meet your tastes, but only if your builder is flexible enough to allow it.

Again, Custom Builders are normally flexible in allowing you to change whatever you want, and even change the plan (at a cost!). Tract and Semi-Custom Builders, however, either do not allow many modifications, or they charge and arm and a leg to do them. This is because they have already worked out pre-arranged design options at set prices so they can offer them to their customers. So you may have a choice of a handful of different styles of cabinets, upgrade options, countertop options or layout changes. But they are usually pre-defined and limited.


If you’re remodeling your existing home, you may be “stuck” with what you have already as far as your layout and design. It’s a significant and costly proposition to make major changes to an existing home. Such as moving walls or adding additional square footage.

You may be able to do things like move some minor walls, move appliances, add an island and so forth. But changing the existing structure is where it pushes the cost of a remodel beyond the reach of many. So in a typical remodel, your upgrading what you have today, rather than making major structural changes. Unless you want to spend large amounts of money of course!



Home Disruption

New Construction

Obviously when building a new home your existing life is not disrupted when you make kitchen choices. The only thing that is affected is that if you choose significant changes to your plan it may be longer before you get into your new home.


When remodeling, expect to be out of your kitchen area for potentially a significant time frame. That time frame could be days or weeks, depending on the job.

You’ll need to plan to feed your family without a kitchen, a method of storing everything that’s in your kitchen somewhere else, and expect to not have access to your kitchen area for a while.

Home Value Increase 

brakur_new_construction_2.jpgNew Construction

When building a new home your choices around kitchen design and options may have a later affect on what your home is valued in an appraisal. An increase in value may not be emphasized as much because your house is probably one of many new houses in your neighborhood, and the kitchens are all not that different from each other. Again, custom homes can be more different here as well. 


When remodeling, you may be making a major change in the feel and look of your kitchen. It doesn’t look “new” anymore, so a “remake” of your kitchen could have a powerful impact on the resale and desirability of your home.

For this reason, a kitchen remodel has one of the most significant ROI (return on investment) that you can do to your home.

One reason it’s impactful when doing a remodel, is that your home has aged, but so have the homes around you. The more you can make yours stand out as better than the ones around you the greater your value can be.

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, Brakur Customer Cabinetry will work with your builder or remodeling contractor. We are experts at making the entire process as seamless and positive as possible. We’ll guide you through every step to get you the perfect solution you’re looking for.

To talk to one of our kitchen design experts and find out how we can help you with your new construction or Chicagoland custom kitchen remodel you can contact us here.

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