How to Prevent Buyer's Remorse with Your Custom Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Nov 18, 2015 2:30:00 PM

Brakur_Buyers_Remorse.jpgGetting a new custom kitchen is a big deal. It is an exciting time and definitely something to look forward to. Especially if you have been putting off that remodel or are building a new home.

With a new custom kitchen remodel there are so many decisions to make. If you are like most homeowners you probably have a couple of pages pinned on Pinterest of everything you want in your new custom Chicagoland kitchen or a stack of magazine pictures. It is easy to get carried away and end up going way over budget or not putting enough in your remodel, so you quickly become dissatisfied. While something may seem like a good idea at the time we sometimes end up making mistakes either in an effort to save money or include things that we don’t really need. In order to avoid buyer’s remorse we suggest the following guidelines.

Guidelines to Avoid Buyers Remorse

  • NEVER spray or paint your current cabinets. There is a special process that cabinet companies use to get the paint to adhere to the cabinets. This is a temporary fix and one that will ruin your cabinets.
  • Use a cabinet company such as Brakur Custom Cabinetry that provides and experienced kitchen designer. Many homeowners assume it will cost you more, but in reality you will end up saving money using a kitchen designer. They can help you prevent those common kitchen remodeling mistakes.
  • Determine your budget ahead of time. Before coming in for your free initial consultation. It is important to know what you can afford. Explore different financing options if necessary. It will help your designer help you design a kitchen that won’t give you buyer’s remorse.
  • Avoid moving plumbing if possible. While it is not always possible, especially if you are opening up walls to enlarge your kitchen, the plumbing is the one thing that will drive the price of your new kitchen up.
  • Choose those kitchen upgrades that will add value and increase the overall function of your kitchen.
  • Don’t scrimp on the hardware - When you use cheap hardware it can change the whole look of the kitchen and make a beautifully custom crafted kitchen look cheap. Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference.

At Brakur Custom Cabinetry our kitchen remodeling experts do more than just sell you a kitchen. They are trained kitchen designers that can guide you through the entire remodeling experience. They will not sell you something you can’t afford provided they are aware of your budget. They can help you determine what level of remodel you need and work with you. If you are planning on starting a custom Chicagoland kitchen remodel and are ready to have a conversation with one of our designers at Brakur Custom Cabinetry you can contact us here.

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