How to Set Up an Organized Kitchen

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Oct 31, 2016 10:30:00 AM

We’ve all seen varied forms of organization in kitchens. Sometimes they have that feel where everything has a place, and it’s put together perfectly. Others feel like a disorganized mess of “put it wherever you can find a place” thinking.

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Organizing kitchens is not unlike any other room. If you make a plan to give everything a place, it’s easier to keep it organized, neat, clean and impressive for friends and family.

Many people have the gift of organization. Others don’t. Whichever you are, these tips will help you put together the most impressive kitchen possible.



It may seem obvious, but think about how you work. When taking silverware out of the dishwasher (or sink), where it goes should be conveniently located. If you have an island it can be just a pivot away.

Always find an in-drawer or other organizer for your silverware, and just as important, use it in an organized way consistently. It’s easy to just throw things into drawers and lose all the benefits of an organized kitchen.



brakur glasses and stemware.jpgDishes & Glassware

Again, think accessibility to the dishwasher while you unload it. If you have the ability, consider a deep drawer for dishes with an organizer insert. These are great to store your fine china and other dishes. Another idea is a pantry style cabinet with rollout shelves for easy dish access.

If you like the open look, consider having an open cabinet (no doors) and display your dishes in an organized fashion. Then you REALLY need to be religious about how you put them away!


Cookbooks, Wine Or Things on Shelves

If you have space over your fridge, it’s a great place to put an open cabinet for cookbooks, or a wine rack to hold your wine. You can also use shelves to store other visible things. The spaces over the fridge or microwave are the places that are least convenient and can be used for visibly organizing things such as this.


BaseCabinetRollOut-1.jpgPots & Pans

If you have an island, you may consider a pot and pan rack mounted to the ceiling. Another popular option is deep pot and pan drawers or pullout drawers in a cabinet. Whatever you decide, find something better than just stacking them inside a base cabinet. It’s difficult to have any consistent organization with that solution.






Consider all organizers and unique storage options that will help you. There are great options for spices, utensils, silverware, pots and pans, appliances, large bowls, cookie sheets, and much more. Consider all the things you use the most and find something that you can put in the right place that tells you exactly where everything goes.

Use the Walls

There are many things you can mount to your walls, including knives mounted to a magnetic knife bar. You can put a shallow rack on any wall that holds large spoons, larger spices, oils/vinegar, jars and other things. Keep them close to where you cook since that’s where you use them.

The Usual Junk Places

Since your sink has pipes under it, it many times turns into the place things just get piled in. In any troubling place in your kitchen, consider a rollout shelf to make it easy to organize and access things even with obstruction of pipes or other things. There is always that one junk drawer or cabinet that everything seems to get stashed in. Take advantage of drawer and cabinet inserts.

If you plan accordingly, then keep to your organization plan, you can have the kitchen other dream about. No matter how big or small the kitchen is, it’s how it functions that make the biggest difference.

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At Brakur Custom Cabinetry, we are experts in all the tools you need to have the most organized and impressive kitchen. If you’re ready to consult with one of our designers about your upcoming Chicagoland kitchen remodel contact us here.

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