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Feb 23, 2015 4:00:00 PM

Every year kitchen and bath professionals come together to spotlight and learn about new and upcoming trends at KBIS, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. This has been happening for 50 years. It is where industry professionals are educated and get a head start on the future of kitchen and baths. New products are introduced. It is the highlight of the year for most kitchen and bath design experts. This year was no exception and we are excited to share some of the innovative and exciting new products that will soon be available in many markets.

Highlights for 2015

  • Formica_Countertops_KBISCountertops - Don’t rule out laminate yet.  Formica has partnered with Jonathan Adler and is releasing new designs that can be used for countertops and backsplashes. They feel these designs can compete with granite. They will add texture and a pop of color to any kitchen. If you are looking for a way to give your kitchen an updated and fresh look this is something worth looking into. Click here for additional images and information.  We are also seeing more stainless steel and a variety of wood countertops.
  • Grey Tones – Grey is getting warmer. It is more of a brownish gray that is becoming popular and contemporary.
  • Universal Design -  Designers are paying attention to accessibility for everyone. Including both the elderly and those with disabilities as our population is changing. You will see more open shelving than in previous years.  With the expense and investment homeowners want to design a kitchen that will age with you. Seamless showers and those with benches are becoming more standard in home remodels and newer homes.
  • Micro Living – As the average American is learning to live in smaller spaces the industry is catering to those needs. They are taking cues from Europe. With many unique storage solutions there is a host of options when it comes to designing a smaller kitchen. You will see more wall hung toilets and vanities that take up less space.
  • GE_Refrigerator_Built_in_Coffee_MakerTechnology -  There is no espcaping technology in the kitchen or bath. The days of the Jetsons are becoming more of a reality.  We saw a variety of wireless charging surfaces that were built into the countertop.  While it is not currently available to the public it will be coming.  As with anything connected to technology it is always more expensive in the beginning. This technology is still developing. We also saw higher end appliances with built in coffee systems. GE showcased a Café series Refrigerator with Keiurik K-Cup Brewing System. The coffee maker is integrated into the refrigerator. We also saw an oven that had it’s own built in camera so no more opening to see what it really looks like.
  • Kbis_hands_free_faucetHands Free – While we aren’t totally convinced this trend will stay around we are seeing cabinets that open with the wave of a hand or touching a certain spot.  Some designers are getting away from hardware that can quickly outdate a kitchen.  This also goes along with universal design and makes it easier for people to open their cabinets. With this technology it still has a ways to go. While we aren’t there yet, you will see more kitchens in the future with this capability. Hands free faucets with motion sensors have been around for a while and are a trend we will see more of.
  • 21st Century Toilet – Recently we did an article on adding living room touches to the bathroom.  That trend will continue. Imagine our surprise when we came across the future of toilets. This is only more evidence that our bathrooms will continue to resemble our living rooms.
              KBIS_Toilechic   Kbis_toilechic_2

Here at Brakur Custom Cabinetry we are constantly changing the way we do things and are up to date on the most current trends. We understand the importance of universal design. We are here to help design and customize your kitchen. We are excited about the future of kitchens and baths.

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