Learn From the Experts:  Get a More Efficient Kitchen and Bathroom

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Dec 29, 2015 3:00:00 PM

Brakur_learn_from_experts.jpgHome organization seems to be the biggest dilemma. It is no different when it comes to the bathroom and kitchen. They are two of the most used rooms in the house. Sometimes it is just the little things we do in our kitchen and bath design that can have the biggest impact on how we function. It can take us from chaos to a more efficient and enjoyable home life.

Kitchen and bath designers know and understand the importance and function of both the bathroom and kitchen in the home. They have years of experience and have learned some things that they can share to help prevent us from making common bathroom or kitchen remodeling mistakes. So why not learn from the experts and get a custom kitchen or bathroom that not only looks great but improves the overall function of the home.

So what are some of the tips designers would suggest for your custom kitchen and bath remodel?

  • Brakur_Wet_Pantry.jpgPlacement of dishwasher – Where you store your everyday dishes should be in close proximity to the dishwasher. It is too much effort to unload everything on the counter and then have to walk across the kitchen to put everything away.
  • Identify designated work zones – Group your appliances and different fixtures according to use. Think about the different tasks and plan to store items near or in close proximity to those appliances. This will help you identify your different work zones.
  • Include a wet pantry in your kitchen design - Store glassware next to where drinks are made. If room allows we recommend a small refrigerator and possible a built in icemaker.
  • Utilize innovative storage options
  • Placement of microwave – Consider who will be using the microwave and will need access to it.
  • Universal Design - Kitchens and bathrooms should be accessible to people of all ages and disability. Plan for the future so should a life event change you don’t have to modify your kitchen.
  • brakur_bathroom_learn_from_experts.jpgOnly store those items used in the bathroom - Sometimes we store things in our bathrooms and shower stalls that are not even used in the bathroom. It doesn’t make sense and can make our bathrooms more cluttered and less functional. Take advantage of space saving storage ideas for the bathroom.

For more home remodeling tips you can read the complete Houzz article here.

Here at Brakur Custom Cabinetry our kitchen and bath designers understand the overall importance of bathroom and kitchen design. They can help you design the perfect custom kitchen or bathroom. They know what works and what doesn’t. They can customize your space to get the perfect layout and ask you right questions to determine what is most important for the overall function and flow of your remodel. If you are considering a custom bathroom remodel or custom kitchen remodel and would like to take advantage of the expertise our designers have to offer, you can contact us here.

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