The 5 Most Common Kitchen Layouts

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Oct 21, 2014 4:00:00 PM

Brakur_5_common_kitchen_layoutsSo much of the activity we do in our homes revolves around the kitchen. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. The one most important decision a homeowner can make is choosing the right layout so the flow of activity continues and works with their lifestyle. The layout determines the ease of cooking, how and where we eat, and the socialization that occurs in so many homes. Layout can be affected by the placement of sinks, appliances, where doors and windows are placed and where people sit down to do every day tasks such has paying the bills or kids doing homework.  

If you are building a new home you may have a little more flexibility in the layout or design of your kitchen. The walls determine a lot of what your layout will be like, but other than walls you have a lot of flexibility to choose.  However if you are remodeling an existing space some layouts may not work unless you plan on adding extra square footage or knocking down walls. 

There are basically 5 common layouts that most homeowners choose from.  Just knowing the lingo and understanding how each works will help you and your kitchen designer decide what is right for your home. Also some layouts work better for open kitchens while other homeowners prefer to have a closed kitchen that is separate from the rest of the house. Some modifications can be added to these layouts such as an island if there is room.

5 Common Kitchen Layouts

One-Wall Kitchen - If you have a Brakur_One_Wall_Kitchensmaller home and space is limited this might be the right layout for you.  It keeps everything in one location.  It does limit you a little since the refrigerator and range take up quite a bit of counter space.  However there are many unique storage ideas that can help alleviate some of this problem by freeing up your counter space. This layout also frees up space so you might be able to eat in the kitchen. If you have a kitchen that is large enough adding an island would be a nice touch.




Brakur-_GalleyGalley Kitchen – This layout also referred to as a corridor kitchen is known for being one of the more efficient layouts when it comes to cooking.  You basically have cabinets and appliances lined up on two walls directly across from each other. Doing this makes it easier for cooking and gives you easy access to what you need. This layout works well also for smaller or cramped spaces. It also tends to be one of the more affordable layouts. The drawback is there is usually not a place for eating and it is not a gathering place for families as it is frequently a tight space. You might consider adding an eating nook if you go with this plan. You will need walls that are at least 8 feet apart for this layout to work.



U-Shaped Kitchen – This layout is popular for larger kitchens and provides ample storage and counter space. One side is open to other rooms of the house, which will allow people to walk by without interfering with the activity in the kitchen.  They tend to work well for large families. They are usually used in more open floor plans and are more practical for socialization and entertaining. Many people refer to them as one-cook kitchens.  If you plan on having more than one cook in the kitchen you will want to talk to your kitchen designer so you are not tripping over each other. It is not uncommon to see an island added to the center of these kitchens.


Brakur_G-Shaped-1G-Shaped Kitchen - This layout is actually an extension of the u-shaped kitchen.  A peninsula is added to create the g- shape. Many people who don’t have room for and island will opt for this layout. They can add extra counter and cabinet space and also make it more inviting by offering extra seating for a few guests. One of the drawbacks is it can make the kitchen feel smaller than it actually is.





L-Shaped Kitchen – With more Brakur_-_L_Shapedand more people opting for open floor plans and less formal dining rooms we are seeing a lot more of this layout. It has become one of the most common. These kitchens are becoming an extension to the current living space. Homeowners who opt for the plan look to have their kitchen look more like furniture and blend it with the rest of the house. It is optimal for entertaining and easily can accommodate multiple cooks. The problem of pass through traffic is eliminated. An island can easily be added to this layout. Many people who want an eat-in kitchen will opt for this layout.


While today there are really no set rules when it comes to remodeling a kitchen some common sense should be utilized. Our kitchen designers here at Brakur Custom Cabinetry can help you get the right layout for not only the space you have but also for the lifestyle of your home. The layout you choose will impact the activity of your home and we want to keep your kitchen the heart of your home.

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