Where to Stash Kitchen Spices

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Sep 9, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Brakur_stash_spices.jpgWhat would be a kitchen without spices? In today’s kitchens everything needs to have a place. That doesn’t mean shoved in a kitchen cabinet. Kitchens today are designed around work zones that incorporate universal design. Not only knowing where things are, but having a space that is organized and has easy access is at the top of the list. So where is the best place to store those kitchen spices? We thought we would share a few of our favorite ideas.

Places to Stash Kitchen Spices

  • Open shelf – Place it above the stove or on a wall close to where you will be cooking. Make sure they are labeled and in some type of order such as alphabetical
  • Pull out spice rack – Having your spices next to where you cook is the best. They can stay organized and you have a place to put them back when you are finished. It is usually a thin cabinet that can be placed in either upper or base cabinets.
  • Brakur_hidden_spice_rack-1.jpgHidden Spice Rack - The spice rack is attached to the interior of the cabinet door. Ideal for keeping all your cooking ingredients in one central location.
  • Spice Niche - Carve out a small niche behind the stove or in a wall. They are easy to reach for and you can see when spices are getting low.
  • Spice Drawer – Include an insert so spices don’t roll around. It keeps them away from heat and light, helping them stay fresh and preserved longer.

The best thing about choosing custom cabinets through Brakur Custom Cabinetry is you have the flexibility to design and put your spices where they make the most sense. Not only do you get a beautiful quality kitchen, but also one that flows and has function, If you do a lot of cooking and have the extra room off of the kitchen you may want to explore adding a spice kitchen so some of those stronger smells don’t permeate the house.

If you love your spices and would like to design a custom kitchen that is organized and makes sense you can schedule a free consultation here. Our kitchen design experts can help you find and create the right space to store your spices.

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