Top 5 Regrets to Avoid in your New Chicagoland Custom Kitchen

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Dec 22, 2015 1:00:00 PM

When you do a new or remodeled kitchen or bath, there are common regrets that people have that are easily avoided if you know what to look for beforehand.

We can help you avoid any pitfalls or regrets when you do a Brakur Custom Kitchen. Here are some of the top things that you should think about before starting your custom kitchen remodel.

Regret #1 – “I should have utilized storage space better”

brakur_regret_1.pngMany times people don’t realize they missed some organizing opportunities until they are actually working in their new kitchen. When it’s too late.

When you look at your proposed design for your new kitchen, think through how you will utilize it. Picture yourself working in it. Walk through it in your mind, and imagine where you would want to store the things you use in your kitchen. Consider and think about different kitchen work zones. Then think about and ask your designer what organization solutions you could utilize in the correct places to help you make it ideal.

Some questions to get you started thinking:

  • What will your corner cabinets be used for, and which solution will best fit that use?
  • Where will pot / pan storage go and how much do you need?
  • What will you do with the space under your sink? It’s the place that is most often wasted because of pipes.
  • Where can you fit the cabinets you need with the largest storage capacity?
  • Where will you store all of you small appliances?
  • Are you utilizing storage organization options within cabinets?

Regret #2 - “Ugh, my kitchen is missing the flair I was hoping for”

It really hurts to look at the final product and feel anything but excitement. It’s sad when people see their new kitchen and have a feeling that it’s more plain than they thought it would be. It’s the place they will have friends and family and socialize. They want it to be exciting and fun and impressive.

The “wow” factor in a kitchen can often come from small well-thought-out design elements. Talk to your designer up front about the things that will cause the feeling of being impressed when walking into your kitchen. For example adding crown molding or furniture style embellishments.   Make those a part of the discussion from the beginning. You don’t have to have the most expensive kitchen to make people feel drawn to it.

brakur_regret_3.pngRegret #3 – “I wish I had room for an island”

Not enough room for an island? Well there are other options. You can do a wood top that’s not so deep. There are design elements you can consider that will mimic island space and give you some of that island feel.




brakur_regret_4.pngRegret #4 – “It’s not very bright in here!”

Lighting is often an afterthought and the result is a dark kitchen when you’re working. You want a bright cheery kitchen when you’re spending so much time in there. Our kitchens are the heart of the home where much of the activity occurs. Light planning is not rocket science and makes all the difference when you take a little time to do it right.

Regret #5 – “I didn’t think it would be this tight with multiple people working in my kitchen”

brakur_regret_5.pngFrequently people plan their kitchens without considering multiple people trying to work and move around in it. How many people will your kitchen need to accommodate? Plan for it with your designer.

Look at your design for fridge, sink, oven/range placement and plan for traffic flow for the people you need to work in it. Your designer will help you make it ideal.

Keep in mind, that studies show that more than 1/3 of people, once they get into their kitchen, wish they would do more if they could do it again. Don’t fall into that group. Make sure you consider all the things that will make you LOVE your kitchen before you begin.

If you are considering a new custom kitchen or Chicagoland kitchen remodel and would like to have a conversation with one of our kitchen design experts you can contact us here. We can help you find the right balance in your kitchen design so you aren’t left with regrets.

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