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3 Major Things to Avoid with Your Custom Bathroom Remodel

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Jan 11, 2021 2:58:47 PM


Picture 12With all the experiences we have with homeowners and their new bathrooms or their remodels, we hear a lot of things. With that in mind, we share below the 3 things that stand out many times as things people want to avoid.

Select Function Over Form, not the Other Way Around

When remodeling your bathroom, it is important to make the stylistic choices that you want in order to be fully satisfied with the outcome. However, you also need to keep in mind how these decisions affect your bathroom logistically. While something may look gorgeous or aesthetically pleasing, keep in mind the concepts of accessibility, maintenance, and practicality.


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Workbook: How to Remodel Your Bathroom

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Nov 1, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Brakur BathroomA Bathroom Remodel many times turns out to be more involved than people expect, especially if they’ve never done one before. With today’s technology homeowners can learn a ton about the process before it begins with what they can learn on the Internet.


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Common Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

Posted by Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Sep 26, 2016 1:30:00 PM

brakur_common_kitchen_and_bath_mistakes.jpgWe often get excited when we finally commit to that bathroom or kitchen remodel. It is natural to get wrapped up in the moment and overlook little things that make a successful kitchen or bath remodel.

When deciding to remodel your bathroom or kitchen you will want to avoid the following pitfalls and traps that so many homeowners fall into.


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