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Taking Advantage of Your Kitchen this Valentine’s Season

Best Kitchen and Bath Trends of the Past Decade

The Often Overlooked Laundry Room Remodel

Workbook: How to Remodel Your Bathroom

Suggestions for a Two-Toned Kitchen

Ideas for Your Sanity – Pantry Organization

Why Does Your Kitchen Need a Good Range Hood?

4 Kitchen Options Everybody Does – Or WISHES They WOULD HAVE Done

Taking Care of Your Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painted Vs. Stained Cabinets – What’s the Difference?

Should I Move Out for My Kitchen Remodel?

5 Kitchen Trends for 2019

Choosing The Right Countertops For Your 2019 Chicago Kitchen

Should you sell or renovate your home?

Keys to the Best Closet Design

Predicted Kitchen Trends for 2018

Creative Kitchen Ideas for the End of your Cabinets

Make the most of Your Pre-Kitchen Remodel Phase

Using a Home Equity Line of Credit to Remodel Your Kitchen

How to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Tidy

The Best Place to Start and Stop Your Backsplash

Kitchen Design Certifications and What They Mean

Why a Shaker Style Door Will Work with Any Kitchen Style

3 Kitchen & Bath Features That May Make It Harder to Sell Your Home

Designing Kitchens for Empty Nesters

Waste Less Food in Your Kitchen

Making Your Own Coffee Station

What Using Mirrors in Your Kitchen Can Do

What to do With the Extra Wall in Your Kitchen

7 Color Palettes to Make A RElaxing Laundry Room

17 Kitchen Design Tips You’ll Want to Consider

7 Remodel Questions You Didn’t Know You’d Ask

Today’s Disappearing Range Hoods

Seeing the Kitchen of the future

5 Kitchen Remodel Trade-Offs

Options for Your Kitchen Island

Surprising Things You Can Fit into a Small Kitchen

Planning a Kitchen for a Growing Family

Ideas for Above Cabinet Décor

Using More than One Cabinet Color in Your Kitchen

Why Wait Until You Sell to Remodel Your Kitchen – ENJOY it YOURSELF

Capture the Best “Before and After” pictures of Your Kitchen Remodel

The History of Kitchens

Your Organized, Clean Kitchen – There’s a Place for Everything

The Process of Remodeling Your Kitchen

Benefits of a 2nd Kitchen Sink

Bathroom design: How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Cabinet care: Can you Keep Your Cabinets from Fading?

Your Kitchen Designer is Not a Used Car Salesperson

Create A Portable Baking Station for your Kitchen

50 Kitchen Backsplashes to Choose From

Deciding What the Best Oven Configuration is for Your Kitchen

The Value of a Home Visit from Your Kitchen Designer is NOT What You Think

Annual Houzz Kitchen Trends Study 2017

Homework-Friendly Ideas For Your Home

Do You Have Enough Space for a Kitchen Island in Your Kitchen Remodel?

Remodel Your Kitchen to Make You Healthier

The Kitchen – Now the Brain of the Home Too

Kitchen Trends to Consider in 2017

5 Reasons You Know It’s Time to do a Kitchen Remodel

Planning Space for Your Kitchen Work Centers

Remodel In Stages to Help Your Remodel Budget

Kitchen Trends to Consider for 2017

How to use a Digital Scrapbook for Your Kitchen Ideas

Helpful Industry Statistics When Doing a Kitchen Remodel

Pros and Cons of a Walk-in Pantry Vs. a Pantry Cabinet

The Magic Word to get the Kitchen of Your Dreams – “Why”

Choosing Cabinet Material

Custom Kitchen Remodel – It’s All About the Details

5 Questions to Think About Before Getting an Outdoor Kitchen

How to Set Up an Organized Kitchen

Backsplash Knowledge: Glass Mosaics or Stone

Benefits of Choosing a Shaker Door Style

Top 7 “Happy” Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Drawers vs. Rollout Shelves

Positive Things a Kitchen Remodel Can Do

Common Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

Custom Bathroom Remodel – Think First then Demolish

What Every Dream Kitchen Should Have

Where to Stash Kitchen Spices

How to Measure Your Kitchen

How to Give Your Indoor Kitchen an Outdoor Sentiment

Slim and Compact Kitchen Islands

Tips to Help You Declutter Your Custom Kitchen

Clever Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens

What Makes a Great Wet Bar?

Kitchen Cabinetry Terms You Should Know

Kitchen Design Tips for the Untidy Cook

Exploring the Differences of Quartz and Quartzite Countertops

Planning Efficient Kitchen Storage

Ways to Make Your Chicagoland Kitchen More Comfortable

Tips for Choosing Low Maintenance Cabinets and Countertops

Does it Make Sense to Double Stack Your Cabinets?

Learn the Pros and Cons of Open Kitchen Cabinets

Where to Start When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Where to Stash Small Kitchen Appliances

Planning a Kitchen Workflow That Works

How to Make the Most Out of Your Kitchen Corners

5 Questions to Answer Before Designing a Kitchen Island

Top Laundry Room Trends Worth Paying Attention to

NKBA Announces Top Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2016

Adding Personality to Your Custom Chicagoland Kitchen

Kitchen Trends With Staying Power

How to Fix Noisy Kitchen Cabinets

Sticking to Your Kitchen and Bath Remodel Budget

How to Design a More Social Kitchen

Matching Your Knobs and Pulls to your Kitchen Cabinet Style and Finish

Designing a Classic White Custom Bathroom

Choosing a Kitchen Faucet for your Chicagoland Custom Kitchen

How to Add Warmth to a Contemporary Kitchen

Kitchen Design Tips for  Black Kitchen Cabinets

The Basic Rules of Bathroom Design

Kitchen Design Tips to Light up Your Kitchen Island

5 Ways to Mix and Match Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Benefits Of Using a Custom Cabinet Company

Homeowners Turning to Professionals for Home Renovations

Kitchen Design Tips for the One-Wall Kitchen Layout

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Is it Time to Ditch the Bathroom Tub?

How to Choose the Right Range for Your Chicagoland Custom Kitchen

NKBA Guidelines to know for kitchen design

Including Universal Design in Your Custom Kitchen Layout

Design Tips for the Perfect Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Should You Include a Pot Filler in Your Custom Kitchen Renovation?

Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel vs. New Construction

How To Increase the Value of Your Chicagoland Kitchen

Kitchen Design Tips for the G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Brakur’s Highlights from 2016 KBIS – Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Things to Consider When Planning Your Bathroom Remodel Layout

Pros and Cons of a Convection Steam Oven in Your Custom Kitchen

2016 Kitchen Color Trends to Think About for Your Custom Kitchen

Practical Kitchen Design Solutions to Keep in Mind

Top Reasons Homeowners Remodeled in 2015

Kitchen Design Tips to Plan Work Zones

Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Kitchen Design Tips for the L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Finish

Exploring Custom Kitchen Eat-In Options

How to Communicate Your Vision to Your Kitchen Designer

Solving Those Bathroom Storage Dilemmas

Exciting New Custom Cabinet Options for 2016

Kitchen Design Tips for the U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Learn From the Experts:  Get a More Efficient Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Trends to Watch for in 2016

Top 5 Regrets to Avoid in your New Chicagoland Custom Kitchen

Improving the Function of Your Laundry Room

Kitchen Trends Predicted to Be a Hit in 2016

Spicing up a White Kitchen

5 Common Misperceptions About Granite Countertops

What’s the Difference Between Framed and Frameless Cabinetry?

Kitchen Design Tips for a Galley Kitchen

Eye-Catching Bathroom Colors for your Chicagoland Bathroom Remodel

Choosing Kitchen Colors that Won’t Go Out of Style

How to Prevent Buyer's Remorse with Your Custom Kitchen Remodel

Things You Might be Surprised You Can Fit in a Small Kitchen

Bathroom Design Tips for a Windowless Bathroom

How Will Brakur Custom Cabinetry Work With My REmodeling Contractor?

A Custom Kitchen Remodel Can Help You Sell Your Chicagoland Home

How to Clean and Maintain Stainless Steel Appliances and Surfaces

Making Your Custom Kitchen Your Own by Adding Small Details

Tips for Buying Appliances for Your Custom Kitchen

How to Save Money on a Custom Bathroom Remodel

Making the Most of Your Open Storage in Your Custom Kitchen

Getting Your Custom Kitchen Ready for Winter

How To Pick the Right Bathroom Faucet for Your Custom Remodel

Are Slate Appliances Replacing Stainless Steel?

Custom Kitchen Updates for Less

Does My Kitchen Style Need to Match my Exterior Home Style?

Custom Kitchen Design Tips to Enhance your Entertaining

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Keep Your Food Cold and Safe

Adding a Spice Kitchen to Your Custom Chicagoland Home

Is It Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Creative and Bold Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Your Custom Kitchen

How Long Should I Plan for my Custom Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel?

Design Tips for Your Kitchen Pantry

Countertop Options for Your Chicagoland Custom Bathroom

Designing Your Chicagoland Custom Kitchen Remodel for Entertaining

Creative Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Custom Kitchen Remodel

Bathroom Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Where to Put the Microwave in Your Custom Kitchen Remodel

Bathroom Sinks 101- Choose the Right One for your Custom Remodel

Is there a Difference Between a Kitchen Designer and Interior Designer?

Concrete Countertops: What Every Homeowner Should Know

How to Use and Care for Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Does Your Chicagoland Custom Kitchen Need an Island or a Peninsula?

Using a Kitchen Designer Can Save You Time and Money

Modern Colors for Your Chicagoland Custom Cabinets and Kitchen

Designing a Kitchen with Pets in Mind

How to Care for Your New Cabinets and Countertops

Exciting News! Brakur and NatureKast Team up to Provide Quality Outdoor Custom Kitchens

Adding Texture to Your Custom Chicagoland Bathroom

Designing a Well Organized Mudroom For Your Illinois Home

Adding Texture to Create a Sensational Chicagoland Custom Kitchen

Choosing the Right Kitchen Backsplash Material for Your Remodel

5 Tips to Designing a Low Maintenance Bathroom

White Cabinets are Still Hot…Door Styles That are Not

Designing a Kitchen Island with Both Style and Function

Kitchen Design Guidelines for Your Custom Illinois Kitchen

Kitchen Styles Part 9: The Retro Kitchen

Popular Kitchen Design Trends for Your Neighborhood

Preparing For Your New Kitchen Remodel Installation

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Kitchen Design Consultation

Current Market Indicators Encourage Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Housing Market and Neighborhood Tools for your Kitchen Remodel

How Much Will My Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Choosing the Right Tile for your Kitchen Backsplash

5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel

Is it Worth it to Remodel Your Chicagoland Bathroom?

How to Figure Out Your Kitchen and Decorating Style

Finding a Dependable, Reputable, and Reliable Cabinet Company

Tips to Make Your Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel Energy Efficient

2015 Predicted to be a Big Year for Home Improvement Projects

Using More than One Countertop Material in your Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Styles Part 8: The Eclectic Kitchen

Kitchen Styles Part 7: The Mediterranean Kitchen

What’s All the Buzz About a Universal Design in a Kitchen Remodel?

Houzz Study Finds Most Kitchens Outlast Marriages

Kitchen Styles Part 6: The Classic Kitchen

Farmhouse Sinks 101: What Makes them so Popular?

Kitchen Styles Part 5: The Cottage Kitchen

Cooking up the Perfect Custom Kitchen Remodel for the Avid Baker

Brakur has Demonstrated 50 Plus Years of Outstanding Service

Kitchen Styles Part 4: The Traditional Kitchen

KBIS - Highlights from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Integrating Glass into Your Chicagoland Custom Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Styles Part 3 – The Transitional Kitchen

Benefits of Recycling Your Old Kitchen

Kitchen Styles Part 2: The Modern Kitchen

Exploring Your Cooktop Options for Your Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Styles Part 1: The Contemporary Kitchen

5 Tips to Keep Your White Kitchen Remodel White

What’s New for the Laundry Room Remodel in 2015?

Wood Cabinets Still a Popular and Safe Choice

What Most People Don’t Know About Kitchen Cabinet Molding

Which Bathroom Design Trends Will be Big in 2015?

Brakur Custom Cabinetry Celebrates 50 Years Serving the Chicagoland Area!

Bringing the Café into Your Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel

Designing a Bathroom with Kids in Mind

Exciting Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2015

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel

Triangle vs. Work Zone - What’s the Difference?

Why Choose a Seamless Backsplash for Your Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel?

Overcoming the Junk Drawer in the Kitchen

Rustic Touches to Add Warmth to Your Chicagoland Kitchen Remodel

Decorating the Kitchen for the Holidays

Pride of Home Ownership

Living Room Touches to Add to Your Custom Bathroom Remodel

Designing a Custom Kitchen for the Non-Cook

Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat?

How to Make Your Kitchen the Heart of the Home

Where to Put Your Appliances in a Kitchen Remodel

Getting the Right Sink for Your Kitchen and Bath Custom Cabinetry

Realtor’s Advice for Your Chicago Area Kitchen Remodel

Preparing Your Kitchen for a Stress Free Holiday

Preventing Those Kitchen Traffic Jams

Tips to Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Kitchen

The 5 Most Common Kitchen Layouts

Wood Countertops for Your Custom Kitchen or Bath Remodel in Chicagoland

Remodeling Projects that Add Value and Those That Don’t - Who Knew?

How To Finance Your Kitchen Remodel

5 Clues it's Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Energy Efficient Induction Cooktops are Heating Up

Choosing the Right Ventilation Hood for Your Kitchen Remodel

5 Things to Consider When Starting a Kitchen Remodel

Finding a Cabinet Company That Has a Defined Sales Process

Popular Kitchen Color Schemes for 2014

Upgrades Worth Doing in a Kitchen Remodel

Getting the Right Backsplash with Your Countertop

Integrating Technology into Your Kitchen Design

Sorting Through the steps of a Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Popular Bathroom Trends for 2014

Designing a Kitchen that Will Age with You

Door styles and Overlays - What's the Difference?

What Every Homeowner Should Plan to Do Before Picking Cabinets

Cabinets Aren't Just for Kitchens

top Renovation Challenges for 2014...

Stock, Semi-Custom, Custom Cabinetry - Do You Know the Difference?

Space-Saving Storage Ideas for the Bathroom

Let Technology Help You See Your Kitchen Before You Decide

Countertops Pros and Cons- Know What You are Getting

Gain More Counter Space and Alleviate the Clutter- Unique Storage Ideas

Tips for an Organized Pantry

Smart Kitchen Ideas to Consider if you Have Children

Selecting the Perfect Hardware for your Cabinets

A Subtle and Simple Way to Make your Kitchen REALLY Stand Out- Appliance Panels

More Homeowners Deciding to Stay and remodel in Lieu of Moving

The Overlooked Results of a Kitchen Remodel

Is it Better to Buy Cabinets from a Dealer or Manufacturer?

Something to Remember so you Don't Regret Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Trend Studies Help You Understand What's in Demand

Why Right Now is the Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Understanding Differences in Wood Species

Open Concept - Not For Everyone

The Best Things About Open Kitchens

How to Save Money for a Remodel

Stay Away From Common Remodeling Mistakes

To Remodel or Not When Preparing to Sell Your Home

Laminate Countertops – An Affordable Choice

Visualizing Your Cabinet Doors

I Scratched My Wood Cabinets – Now What?

What Are Solid Surface Countertops?

Remodeling TV Shows – How to Watch

Covering All Your Kitchen Design Bases

Learning About Your Style

Make Your Laundry Room Welcoming

Cabinet Therapy – You Deserve It

How to Decorate Your Home

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Online remodeling reviews

Caring for Your New Cabinets

Adding Color You Won’t Regret

Germiest Places In Your Kitchen

Caring for Your Woods in Extreme Temperatures

Quartz Tops – A New Leader

Liven up your space with the Color of the Year

Granite - Is it Right for You?

Learn About Cabinet Structure Before Buying Yours

Keeping Your Remodel Resale Friendly

What Features Made You Love Your Home?

2014 Remodeling Trends - Simple, Bright and Deserved

Where Can You Cut Back on Remodeling Costs?

Budgeting – Where Should the Money Go In a Remodel?

Adjusting Your Cabinet Door Hinges and Hardware

What Do Cabinets Cost?

What do Other Homeowners Want in a Bathroom?

What to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Professional

What Style Speaks to You?

Cabinets Constructed with Care – Doors and Drawers

Choosing the Right Person for the Project

Trends in Finishes for your Cabinetry

Adding Details to Your Cabinetry

Kitchen Cabinetry – Things You Should Know

Kitchen Remodel Survival – Stay On Track With This Guide

Multiple Cabinet Colors in the Same Room?

What is the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel?

Cabinet Tips: What Exactly is Glazing?

Painted Cabinetry: Your Questions Answered – Part 2

Painted Cabinetry: Your Questions Answered - Part 1

Loving Your Local Businesses

5 Must Haves in Your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling With Your Significant Other

Hardware Options for your Remodels

What to Expect During Your Remodel – Part 2

Easy Updates to Your Space

What to Expect During Your Remodel – Part 1

Making Good Choices in Kitchen Design

Get the Look You Want with Decorative Cabinet Details

The Basics of Kitchen Design

The Benefits of Working Directly with a Custom Cabinet Manufacturer

Kitchen Appliances: The real place to start your remodel

Custom vs. Stock Cabinets – What’s the Better Deal?

Today’s Trends in Cabinetry

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